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Keep your workforce safe in the sun, says ECIS

The heatwave across the UK is continuing – great news for the sun-worshippers, but not so great for the UV levels and the affect it can have on your skin. Employee benefits specialist ECIS is calling on employers to raise awareness of skin cancer prevention and early identification.

At least 100,000 new cases are now diagnosed each year, and the disease kills over 2,500 people each year in the UK - that's seven people every day*.

Whether your employees are working outdoors or even spending hours in a van where harmful rays can still pass through closed windows, as an employer it’s in your interest to help them stay protected in the sun.

You can reduce the risk of skin cancer by promoting the following best practice across your organisation:

  • Clothing - Clothing should always be your first line of defence against damage from the sun, with sunscreen being used in addition to clothes, including a hat, t-shirt and UV protective sunglasses.
  • Find the right sunscreen- Use a sunscreen of SPF30 and look for a four or ideally five star UVA rating on the bottle.
  • Get your timing right- Skin needs time to absorb sunscreen, so apply generously about 20 to 30 minutes before going out. Reapply frequently at least every two hours, as it can come off when sweating or through rubbing.
  • Seek shelter!- Find some shade typically between 11am and 3pm.

Most skin cancers can be cured if detected early. You should ideally check your skin regularly, about once a month, by examining the skin all over your body, from top to toe. Look out for moles or patches of skin that are growing, changing shape, developing new colours, inflamed, bleeding, crusting, red around the edges, particularly itchy, or behaving unusually.**


To help with early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, ECA members who purchase ECIS private medical cover can benefit from Bupa’s ‘Direct Access’ service. This allows you to call and speak to a specialist team to discuss any cancer concerns; they will refer you on if necessary, thereby enabling you to have any checks as quickly as possible. 


This hot weather will certainly not last, but the risk of skin cancer remains even at lower temperatures, so be a proactive employer and make sure your workforce is armed with the best possible defence. 



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