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Money back towards healthcare costs? Sounds like a (cash) plan

Vicki Leslie of ECIS looks at how a Cash Plan can help with everyday health expenses

We all have day to day costs which can spring up at any time – whether it be the washing machine breaking down or the car needing new tyres. These issues are not only inconvenient, but usually have a price tag attached to them which most of us could do without.

The same thing happens with your health. A trip to the opticians can result in needing new glasses or a doctor’s visit could mean you need to pick up a prescription, all of which cost money.

I do a lot of driving with my job. Being in a seated position, sometimes for hours on end, has an impact on my body and leads to my back, neck and shoulders being pretty sore. A visit or two to my physiotherapist sorts things out, but at £50 a time that can prove to be expensive.

To give myself peace of mind that I won’t suddenly have to pay everything out of my own pocket, I have a Bupa ‘cash plan’ which provides money back against some of the costs of everyday health expenses, so they don’t come as such a shock.

The question I always get asked when I talk about my cash plan is ‘what is the catch?’ as it sounds too good to be true. Well, there really isn’t one! For a starting price of only £1 per week, you can receive money back for trips to the dentist, optician or to see a consultant, plus a number of other benefits.

I like having the peace of mind that if I need to get my neck and shoulders treated, I can claim back the money within a few days so I’m not out of pocket. Speaking of which, I’ve just done a 600 mile round trip. I better call my physio…..

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