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Case Study: Mary-Ann Clayton, Group HR, Dodd Group


Why do you believe it’s important to offer employee benefits/healthcare services to your workforce?

A good benefits package can aid retention and assist with attracting quality employees. Offering your employees benefits is important as it shows you, as an employer, are not only invested, but investing in them. They are also important drivers of staff loyalty; benefits are often one of the first things considered by potential new employees after taking salary into account. Plus, businesses get the tax advantage of deducting contributions, including health insurance, life insurance, and pension plans.

Do you feel it helps your organisation in areas such as retention and recruitment? If so, how?

Retention is important as it can assist with reinforcing a positive work environment and strengthen an employee’s commitment. Regarding recruitment, research has shown that over 70% of job seekers would choose one company over another based on their benefit package. It is important to highlight this offering when advertising for a position, especially in today’s war for talent.

As a company what direct benefits have you seen from ECIS services?

Dodd Group have noticed a definite positive result in early identification of issues and swifter prognosis and treatment; goodness knows how many knee replacements we have managed through this benefit! In this day and age, with employee wellbeing and mental health being the current buzzwords, it is the Employee Assistance Helpline that I have been highlighting more than usual, and have had very, very positive feedback on this. That is a particular benefit that I feel has been incredibly valuable recently. Even it is hasn’t been used, to be able to offer it has had positive results, and shows that as a company we care, and the mental wellbeing of the staff is as important as the physical.

What would you say to companies who are thinking about employee benefits, but believe it’s an expense they can’t afford?

It does depend on the size of the company, there are inexpensive ways to offer benefits. It doesn’t necessarily have to be employer driven – there are self-administrative options available. However, I do feel it is important to put together a benefit pack, even if a company adds to it as they grow, for all the above reasons. From an HR and H&S perspective – it is an investment.

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